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DETAILED MANUFACTURER & PRODUCT DIRECTORY of Conductive Composite or Metal Coated Fibers

Country Origin
Contact Number

Brand Name(s)

Base Fiber(s) or Film(s)

Available coated or clad in which metal(s)

Available as
SS-Single filament
SF-Stranded Fiber
C-Chopped  W-Woven

Sold by
L-Length or

Directed Vapor Technologies Itn'l
USA    434-977-1405

(not yet released)

PEEK, Kevlar®, Carbon Fiber, Nylon66,
Zylon® PBO, Glass, Teflon®,  Stainless Steel
Carbon Nanotubes

Aluminum, Copper, Gold,
Mangesium, Nickel, 
Silver, Tin, 
Zinc, as well as others




Canada 905-305-0980

(not yet released)

Fabrics (woven, knitted, bonded, non-wovens)
Stretch fabrics, Films,  Sponges, pads
Traditional fibers (cotton, nylon, rayon)
Performance fibers (Kevlar®, Vectran®, PEEK®)


Silver (Ag)






L, W


MicroMetal Technologies, Inc.
U.S.A.    978-462-3600


Stainless Steel


Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag)




Statex Produktions + Vertriebs GmbH  Germany
Shieldex-U.S.A. /
V Technical Textiles
(315) 597-1674




Silver (Ag)

SS, SF, C, W


Korea +82-10-6319-1119


para-aramid fiber

Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag)



Syscom Advanced, Amberstrand, Agsis, www.metalcladfibers.com,  Liberator, x-steeldvanced materials, amberstrand www.metalcladfibers.com/

Industry Inventory

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4MB Co Ltd

Korea:  Clad Aramids, and liquid-crystal polymers     https://conductive-fiber.com/          www.teracon.co.kr     www.4m-hub.com  www.teracon.com    

AFFOA: Advanced Functional Fabrics of America

A non-profit, public-private partnership and DoD funded Manufacturing USA Innovation Institute, AFFOA bridges the gap between early-stage technology and commercialization. We utilize our expertise and membership ecosystem to help advance the development of textile-based products with transformative capabilities to meet defense and consumer needs.   Home - AFFOA

Amann Group

Great Britain. Supplier of intelligent threads. http://www.amann.com/

Anomet Products

USA.  Anomet Medical Implant Wire combines two or three metals on the interior and exterior, which are metallurgically bonded to achieve properties not available in a single alloy. Suited for coils, micro coils, electrodes, and leads requiring such properties as a conductive interior with a bio-compatible exterior, or high strength and corrosion resistance, the wire is said to provide greater ductility and formability than filled or plated wire. http://www.anometproducts.com/

Arrow Technical Textiles, PVT. LTD

India.  Conductive yarns   https://www.arrowtechnicaltextiles.com/conductive-fiber-yarn-2466617.html

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Taipei: Asiatic Fiber Corporation develops Conductive Sewing Thread, in order to improve the efficiency of conductivity and electrostatic discharge ability in an economical way.  http://www.asiatic.com.tw/product_view.php?id=1205

Baoding Sanyuan

China.  Stainless steel fibers and felts, among others.  http://bdsanyuan.en.alibaba.com/productlist.html


Belgium.  Stainless steel wire and fibers.  www.bekaert.com   tom.lloyd@bekaert.com


USA: Coating of webbing, with or without embedded conductive fibers www.biothane.us


Canada.  Makes carbon and silver fiber aprons.  http://www.canshielding.com/

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, formerly Micro-Coax, Inc.

USA. ARACON® conductive fiber on KEVLAR® base fiber.  (See above for more information.)  https://www.carlisleit.com/micro-coax

Chang Yang Hsin Ent.Co., Ltd.

Taiwan  Conductive fibers    https://tw.kompass.com/c/chang-yang-metal-ent-co-ltd/tw038321/

Changzhou Polyace Textile Yarn

China.  Silver conductive yarn  http://www.chinatexnet.com/ChinaSuppliers/17500/

China EMI Shielding

China.  Conductive fabric, Conductive sponge. Conductive adhesive tape, EMI shielding gasket, Conductive nickel mesh, Conductive non-woven fabric, Conductive elastomer, Silver fabric, EMI shielding pouches.  www.china-emi-shielding.com  

CleverTex/ VUBas

Cz. Antistatic textiles, R&D http://www.clevertex.cz/

Coats Performance Materials

France   Performance materials.   www.coatsindustrial.com

Conyar, BV

The Netherlands.   Conyar's team of scientists and technicians are developing and producing highly conductive carbon nanotube fibers (CNTF).  CNTFs combine the conductive properties of metals with the strength and flexibility of fibers and thus have the potential to replace metals in many high end applications. Our goal is to bring premium CNT Fibers to the market for a wide range of products in the fields of outer space, aviation, audio equipment, cars, medical devices, military hardware, etc. Various demonstrators have already been build.  To achieve our goals we work closely together with world leading scientists from former parent company Teijin Aramid and multiple universities, research institutes and multinational companies.   contact

Conductive Composites

USA  Advanced  conductive materials. http://www.conductivecomposites.com/

CreaFibres SAS

France.   Spinner of stainless steel fibers (AISI 316L); we make stretch-broken slivers, staples/bulks and spun yarns (ring process) and also make their our own blends with other raw materials like wool, para-aramid, polyester, polypropylene.  With the help of our long term raw material suppliers, we can supply, only on demand, stainless steel monofilament and multifilament yarns.   http://www.creafibres.fr/

D'Angelo Technologies, LLC (D5T)

USA: A woman-owned, small business. We provide engineering R&D capabilities to the DoD community, civil, and commercial clients. Leveraging its experience and expertise, D5T provides high quality technical solutions to our customers by offering engineering prototyping, coding, 3D modeling, small-scale manufacturing, and reengineering services.  Created a self-healing additive for wire insulation. Home - D5T | D'Angelo Technologies (dangelotech.com)

Directed Vapor Technologies International

USA.  Custom metal coatings.  www.directedvapor.com

Dongguan Cocou Textile Materials Co., Ltd

China.   Conductive carbon yarn   http://dgvelve.bossgoo.com/conductive-yarn/conductive-carbon-yarn-16600377.html

Dongguan Sovetl

China.    Anti-static filaments, threads, and ropes.  http://sovetl.net/


USA. The DuPont electronics and electrical portfolio includes materials for hybrid, rigid and flexible circuits; specialized ceramic, polymer thick film compositions (PTF) and GreenTape™ low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) materials; and materials for the fabrication and packaging of semiconductors.  www.advancedmaterials.dupont.com


China: Silver fiber anti-radiation electromagnetic shielding net fabrics  https://www.ecloontec.com


USA:  Eeonyx Corp develops Conductive Polymer Coatings for Textiles & Conductive Foams, Felts, Cloths & Powders which are used in manufacturing dynamic materials  http://www.eeonyx.com/

ElectriPlast Corp

USA:  Conductive plastics (films and rigid).  http://www.electriplast.com/

Elektrisola Feindraht AG

Switzerland  Conductive Fibers http://www.textile-wire.ch/

Fisk Alloy

USA: Copper alloy wire, like Percon  https://fiskalloy.com/

Formosa Taffeta CO.,LTD

Taiwan.  M2PTEX®e has excellent softness and flexibility; its metal surface (nickel, copper, copper/nickel) which also forms excellent electrical conduction, possesses outstanding anti-electromagnetic interference capacity.   http://www.ftc.com.tw/

Guangdong Maowei

China.  citation

Gui Lian

China.  citation

Hebei Swift Metallic Fiber, Jiangsu Textile Research Institute

China.  Carbon and conductive fibers.  http://www.cjti.com/

High Quality Tapes GmbH & Co.

Germany.  Wide assortment of specialty tapes.  http://www.hq-tapes.com/

Hollingsworth & Vose

UK.  EMI shielding veils http://www.hollingsworth-vose.com/en/Products/Industrial-Products/Advanced-Fiber-Nonwovens/EMI-Shielding  http://www.hollingsworth-vose.com/en/Products/Industrial-Products/Advanced-Fiber-Nonwovens/EMI-Shielding/

Hongkong Wei Xing Technology

China.  Silver, metal and conductive yarns.  http://www.weixtech.com/

Huntingdon Fiberglass Products

USA: manufacturer of a conductive glass fiber roving   http://www.huntingdonfiberglass.com/

Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd

England.  Company develops proprietary coatings for synthetic fibres and compounds that enable the manufacture of conductive fabrics.  http://imgne.com/

Integral Technologies Inc and subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp

USA:  Integral's patented ElectriPlast manufacturing technology produces an industry leading conductive thermoplastic pellet used for a variety of EMI shielding applications in the automotive, cable & wire, and consumer electronics industries.  http://www.electriplast.com/

Jinan Baite

China.  citation

KB Seiren 

Japan.  Belltron conducvit fiber for static control  http://www.kbseiren.com/english/pro-bel.html

Kebao Group

China.  http://kebaogroup.cn/qiyue_en.asp?fid=6

King’s Metal Fiber Technologies 

Taiwan.  Stainless steel yarn  http://www.kingsmetalfiber.com/

Konfitex Technology Co., Ltd   Beijing 

China.  Metal fiber yarn, metal fiber fabrics, stainless steel yarn, stainless steel fabric for electric conduction and heat resistant, Fecr alloy metal fiber for premix infrared gas burner, EMF shielding fabrics, radiation protection cloth, silver yarn and silver fabrics, aramid fire retardant yarn and fabrics, PANOX fabric.    https://www.konfitex-tech.com/

Life Srl

Italy. Development and manufacture of silver coated man-made staple fiber and filaments for textile and nonwovens applications in industrial, safety and medical products.  http://www.life-srl.it/

Lorix, Ltd.

Hungary.  Lorix develops and produces a variety of special Copper plated textile materials that can be used to shield from radio waves and microwaves. These materials are also used several other purposes, including filtration, antistatic fiber in carpets for various industries such as aviation and aerospace, and also for medical use.  www.lorix.hu

Magellan Systems Int.

USA (Dupont)  M-5 fiber (R&D phase)

Marubeni America Corporation

USA.  Infuses carbon-nanotubes into yarn.   Washable  www.marubeniamerica.com     www.electro-yarn.com

Microbonds Inc

Canada.    Microbonds  Applied Solutions is a has developed a very robust, low cost, environmentally cleaner, and quicker way to fully or partially chemically bond silver to  many fibers, yarns, films, compressible foams, and completed fabrics, including stretch fabrics.   This Additive Metallic Bonding capability gives you incredible flexibility with low cost in EMI shielding, wiring, antennas, heating elements, and/or anti-bacterialswww.microbonds.com

Micrometal Technologies Inc.
(web site coming soon)

USA. Invented and produces conductive stainless steel and filaments, (978) 462-3600   (See above for more information.)

MINATEC Entreprises – BHT--Primo1D

France: Makes a conductive yarn,  PRIMO1D, with embedded LED, the first semiconductor yarn!  http://www.primo1d.com/

Minnesota Wire

USA.  Manufactures carbon-based wiring, stretch wiring.  http://www.mnwire.com/

4MB CO., Ltd  (Teracon)

Korea.  Roll-to-roll continuous plating equipment. The capacity is 8,640,000M / year. Nickel , silver, and copper claddings  on para-armid fibers.  www.teracon.co.kr or www.conductive-fiber.com

Nanocomp Technologies, Inc.

USA Carbon nanotube fiber yarns, tapes, films  http://www.nanocomptech.com/

New Fibers Textile Corp

Taiwan. Development, manufacture and marketing of a range of specialty silver and copper coated fibers and filaments for high-performance technical and industrial textile and nonwoven fabrics in cleanroom, protection, filtration, geotechnical, carpet and specialty apparel applications. Extensive technical information.  http://newfibers.com.tw/

Novonic (Zimmerman)

Germany.  Conducitve yarns   http://www.zimsi.com

NPL-National Physical Laboratry

UK  Additive Metallic Conduction www.npl.co.uk/smart-textiles

OJSC "SvetlogorskKhimvolokno" Sohim

Belarus Carbon&Arselon materials    www.sohim.by

Otex Narrow Specialty Fabrics

USA. OTEX Specialty Narrow Fabrics® has the technical expertise to integrate wires and conductive yarns into narrow fabrics for use in wearable textiles. https://www.osnf.com/smart-fabric-and-e-textile

Palmiga Innovation    3DPrint

Sweden:   extruded TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)  http://www.rubber3dprinting.com

Pretty Textile

China.  Conductive and silver microbial fabrics, tapes, and threads.  http://www.prettytextile.com/

Quigdao Hengtong X-Silver Specialty Textile Co Ltd.

China--silverized fiber.  www.hengtongsilver.cn   email:  info@hengtong-chem.com


France. Conductive, antistatic, thermoresistant fibers and yarns. Polyamide Silver Plated & Stainless Steel. For nonwovens, carpets, spinning, protective clothing, smart textiles, electromagnetic shielding, ...
  www.r-stat.com     E- mail to  :info@r-stat.com

Resistat/ Shakespeare Conductive Fibers
Jarden Applied materials

USA/UK.   Manufacturers of carbon particle saturated polyamide conductive, chopped and staple fibers, tow and filaments for electrostatic dissipation applications in textiles, brushes, carpets, non-wovens, belting and bulk bags. Extensive technical information, conversion tables, factors and terminology on PDF files.  http://www.resistat.com/           www.jardenappliedmaterials.com

Rice University

USA:  spool of  fiber made entirely of carbon nanotubes  Read the release

Ronda Industrial Technology

China.  100% stainless steel fiber conductive metallic spun yarn., threads, fabrics, silver yarn fabrics, Fe-Cr-Al alloy metal yarns, and fabric for infrared gas burner.    http://www.rondatex.com/

Sauquoit Industries, Inc, Noble BioMaterials

 USA. Manufacturers of conductive staple fibers for filtration, shielding, anti-static, and military applications. Also, slivers, polymer flakes, continuous filaments and fabrics. Technical information and specifications.        http://noblebiomaterials.com/

Seashell Technology, LLC

USA: Silver nanowires   http://www.seashelltech.com/

Shanghai Bosung Metallic Yarn

China.  Silver, conductive fibers and yarns  http://www.xfjys.com/about_en.html

Shanghai Yishi Industrial Co.,Ltd

China.  Carbon and conductive fibers  http://www.sh-isi.com/

Shanghai Xinlun Textile & Auxiliaries Ltd.

China. Manufacturers of organic conductive fibers for technical and high-performance textiles, from polyester and polyamide. Detailed fiber specifications.  http://shxinlun.texindex.com/   

Shijiazhuang Credit Metal Products Ltd.

China: Stainless steel fiber  http://www.sjzcredit.com/


Canada.  Coats fibers and materials with silver for anti-biotics.  Additional loading can make items conductive.   www.silverclear.ca

VTechnical Textiles 

Germany and USA: metalized fabrics, tapes and other fabric products.  Silverell, Shieldex,     

Also see the USA retail shop: http://www.shopvtechtextiles.com/

Supreme Corporation/Volt Smart Yarns/ TuffLite

USA.  Makes hybrid conductive yarns: the only conductive yarn with 4 highly conductive and insulated copper wires that can be sewn in the needle of a commercial sewing machine.  It can be sewn in a 301 lockstitch at 2,000 stitches per minute:  www.voltsmartyarns.com         http://supremecorporation.com/    See the article about the president

Swicofil AG

Switzerland  Yarns and fibers for conductive textiles are our speciality. We offer solutions for EMS (electromagnetic shielding), ESD (electro static discharge), process management, communication, heating and sensoring.   http://www.swicofil.com/tersuisse.html   mailto:team1@swicofil.com

Swift Textile Metalizing LLC

USA--Design, Development and Production of Electrically Conductive and Reflective Metalized Fabrics used in products to provide protection for people and equipment from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency  interference (RFI) and Static Discharge   http://www.swift-textile.com

Taikun Precision Materials Technology Co

China.  Conductive fabric Electromagnetic shielding fabric shielding fabrics.  Properties: electromagnetic shielding, electric conduction, radiation protection; Conductive fabric Electromagnetic shielding fabric shielding fabric Application: electronic products, mobile communication equipment, electronic equipment.   http://taikun.en.manufacturers-china.com/


UK:  Cosyflex™ is the world's first ever technology developed to 3D print finished textile products.     http://www.tamicare.com/

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) subsidiary of James Cropper PLC

USA, UK   Develop and manufacture high performance nonwoven materials. Offering not just a diverse product range, but the capability to tailor materials to meet specific performance requirements   http://www.tfpglobal.com/

TexE srl - INNTEX Div.

Italy: Produce conductive fabrics and we distribute conductive fibers made under our specifications.   www.inntex.com

Textronics (Adidas)

USA Textro Yarns:  elastic, highly conductive composite yarns with constant and high conductivity over a wide range of elongation.  http://www.textronicsinc.com/yarns/

Toho Tenax, part of the Teijin Group

USA Manufacturers of carbon fiber products.   https://www.tohotenax.com/

Tongxiang Baoding Textile

China.  Stainless steel yarn  http://www.baoding-tex.com/template/about_e.html

Toray Chemical Korea, Inc.

Korea: yarns, fibers and films, including Arawin®  www.toray-tck.com    email:  john.baek@toray-tck.com

Vermillion Incorporated

USA. Vermalloy®, A high permeability mumetal type alloy in standard stranded form, especially for low frequency shielding.

Vesti Advanced Materials

USA.  Multiple base fibers available and metalized to order.  (See above for more information.)

Volt Smart Yarns/ TuffLite/ Supreme Corporation

USA.  Makes hybrid conductive yarns: the only conductive yarn with 4 highly conductive and insulated copper wires that can be sewn in the needle of a commercial sewing machine.  It can be sewn in a 301 lockstitch at 2,000 stitches per minute:  www.voltsmartyarns.com         http://supremecorporation.com/    See the article about the president

Warmx Gmbh

Germany :  Heated tetiles   http://www.warmx.de/

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd.

China.  One-stop fabric-garment manufacturer.  web


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